Chapter 41


The scent of spice is stronger than the commercially available cola. Ginger ale also had strong ginger flavor.

Un, This spice has strong scent, is it suitable for Japanese food? What should I do…

Look at the state of the pot, immediately reduce the heat when it is likely to boil, keep at state that unlikely to boil. That delicate adjustment is also thanks to fire magic stone, It is very convenient.

To reduce the task, Quickly go to the dungeon and call out.

“I need one person to help me, can someone help me?”

Kurts give out his name.

“While I’m going to the field for a moment, I want you to scoop up and throw away when this happens, Can I ask you? “

“If it’s a field, shall I go?”

“Un, thanks. But I want to see the vegetables in the field while thinking about cooking.”

Looking at the contents of the refrigerator and thinking about a menu, Isnt it a wonderful luxury life to thinking about a menu by looking at vegetables on the fields?

I climb the steep rock with my whole body.

Hah… hah… if the fields are not in such place it might be a luxurious life…. I wonder if I can get a stairs or something … it’s impossible indeed.

Because Kurts pulls out a large amount of weeds in the fields little by little, the appearance of vegetables has become easy to see.

For small weeds, I decide to check one by one at the time of the work so as not to pull out what is not weeds.

I already taught about big weeds. Ah, but of course it’s as far as I know.

I don’t know what I’ve never seen in Japan. As for in this world, I only particularly check the leaves.

I don’t know beets very well. I’m sorry. Actually, I do not know how beets leaves are like.

TNL: ビー / beetroot.

Something like colorful turnip?

Although I have heard that there are rainbow beets or something.

Un, it seems that Kurts and everyone arent too familiar with vegetables, and I’d like to see a grocery store in the city.

Oh, I want to see foods other than vegetables.

To do this, I wonder if it is better to save more money. Indeed, It is painful just only to watch.

Thinking about 100 yen for one potion, It’s about 500 yen to 1000 yen earning for one day.

Bryce-kun said spices are only for high noble family. But, As modern Japanese people, I want at least a pepper.

Pepper juice will not come out as lose potion.

Un, Has anyone ever found and drink pepper juice? I have no idea at all.

While walking and looking at the field I arrived at the paddy field.

“By the way, what place beyond this field?”

I have not seen it yet. It was a story that rice is planted where water collects.

Pass a paddy fields and go over it.


There is a pond.

Seems like a pond of Monet or something. Beautiful.

Etto, it’s “Water Lilies”. There was a pond similar to Monet’s painting, “Water Lilies” in Seki city in Gifu and it became a hot topic.

TLN: Monet’s Pond on Gifu travel guide website.「水連」Suiren / water lillies


I often see the floating flowers in the pond in front of me.

Water lily should not bloom as floating in the water right?

Water lillies is not a floating flower but a protruding flower, right?


If it’s not water lilies, it’s lotus!

No, no, wait, how shall I check it?

Look around to find something, I found something like a reed or something like a long dry rod, I picked up one and tried to push it in the pond.

Stick and sink it into the mud. The depth of water is surprisingly shallow.

Ugh, the water part is 30 cm. About 50 centimeters of mud?

This, If a person goes in and his leg not be able to come out, it’s become serious, right?

Un, let’s challenge it and try reach it out.

Take off my clothes.

The only clothes I have when I arrived in this world, I don’t have other clothes. So I can not get it dirty.

I mean, you see. I have to buy clothes or something when I go out to town. It is the first priority before buying spices.

I have to save a lot of money … I wonder how much it costs.

Kurts and Kirika-chan, I wonder if they want a change of clothes too?

Kirika-chan was saying she wanted a doll. I wonder if girls want cute clothes too?

Or maybe, As an adventurer, She don’t need clothes that have decorations that get in the way?

Would she like a clothes that increase the defense?

Ah, no good!

I thought that I would like to make clothes as well.

I also want to make it for those children in Japan. But I have to bear it.

To the children who wearing the clothes their mom bought, I can not afford to put my handmade clothes on them. So I must endure it.

Kurts and Kirika-chan also …. I should endure to make it, surely.

It’s small, but they are an adventurer. It is rude to treat them like children.T


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