Extra 05

Quiet talk * In Japan 05

Author note: Husband POV * Because it is content that he still angry as usual, Skip reading recommended for those who don’t like it.


“Wait, wait a minute, You are troubling me, isnt it? ”

I put a bag of apartment garbage at the garbage accumulation place then I heard someone call out to me.

It is an old man that seems to be bad mouth. I wonder if He is already retiring from work. Is he from garbage’s keeper affiliation?

“What is troubling? Today is the day of plastic bottles collection right?”

That’s why I botherly brought it in a bag.

Damn it.

Why did I have to throw away garbage.

I bought PET bottles drink and drink it everyday, so it is already piled up.When I saw the garbage collection date on the refrigerator, PET bottles had only two collection days per month.

If I wait until the next collection date, the entrance is likely to be filled with PET bottles.

Such as garbage dumping, Is humiliation I have to do. Otherwise it’s humiliation living surrounded by PET bottles until the next collection date.

Ha ha.

I just put the garbage in a bag and put it at the accumulation collection place. That’s it. It’s easy.

There is no hurt on my pride.

The world thinks that husband should help his wife. Oh, that is not bad either.

Then I though I should strengthen my feelings and throw out garbage.

What does it mean to be troubling!

“Is this cleaned properly?”


Wash the garbage?

“Besides, They still have a cap attached, and the labels still remain right? what are you thinking?”

Cap? label?

“Here look, wash it properly and put it in this state and bring it again!”

Take a bag that is loaded in the collection area then the old man stood out in front of me.

“When an insane person who can not keep the rules properly is in the apartment, It’s troubling everyone, Can you give me a coopertation? Otaku-san. By the way I never saw your face, what is your name?”

Insane person, That person is me?

I frustrated, but I can fight back.

“Ah, I am sorry. My wife place it in front of the entrance in this state, so I thought that I should take it … It seems she was not prepared to put out yet.”

“Oh, that kind of thing. You, doing something that makes your wife angry, so you want doing something by yourself to reduce her angry and failed? It’s not something unfamiliar, Hahahahah.”

The old man interpreted my words as he liked and laughed.

Ha, you said I made my wife angry? It is me who is angry.

Besides, If That woman got angry, why I have to throw away garbage to buy gratitude from that woman.

But this misunderstanding, I was saved.

I’m not an insane person.

Return to the room, open the bag and remove the cap. Then label …

What is this. How do I get rid of it?

Cutting line? Cih, I can not grasp it well.

Damn it! It is troublesome. How many more are there?

There are 20 or 30 bottles?

Peel off the fourth label. When I look at the clock, it is already usual time to go to work.

A mere garbage to trown away, Why it have to take so much time!

If it is a garbage can at convenience store it will be thrown away without washing the inside, with cap and label attached!

Enough! Let That woman do it when she comes back!

Tie the mouth of the bag containing the PET bottle and put it on the veranda.

Damn it. It’s that woman fault I had an unpleasant feeling again!

Go home soon and get divorced!


Author note:

Thank you for reading.

This time is the first trash. It is a light PET bottle.


17 thoughts on “Extra 05

  1. Stephanie

    What’s disturbing to me is that he hasn’t thought that something may be wrong and contacted the police. I guess it has only been a few days, but if he has 30 bottles it might be almost a month. He is ridiculous.


      1. It’s not only that. I think the guy probably comes from a household where the mother was a housewife, or they had a maid. He went from the family home to his married home & never had to touch a thing.
        I’ve seen before in RL people like that guy. Wouldn’t know how to tie their own shoelaces & always expect a maid to do everything. Imagine the bottle of water being 2 meters away from where that person is sitting & calling the maid to get that bottle to them rather than stand up… These people might function in their white collar jobs, which require sitting at a desk. But everything else….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. shelwyn

    Well if they were childhood sweethearts? and married out of high school the guy would have left his parents care right into her care.

    So I can understand him being completely useless at chores lmao.

    Anyway hehe I hate cleaning too but I hire a cleaning service instead.


  3. kirindas

    Thanks for the new chapter! Lol! Suffer idiot~
    I didn’t know there were extra rules for recycling in Japan. In my area, they accept it as is just tossing the bottles in a recycle bin.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hylidahlia

      I’ve worked on a recycling crew, and it gets very nasty and sticky when the liquids from the bottles spills out. Also, the lids, labels, and any leftover liquid would create impurities in the plastic when it’s melted back down, so it’s much more efficient if they are already processed and clean.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Zales

        that seem possible too

        I also hear about housewife’s story in JP, in some family even daughter wont willing to help keeping clothes when it’s raining while mom not at house at a time, maybe how JP push all housework to mom make children become too spoil on housework duty


  4. Yuuhan

    I wonder if the police will think he murdered his wife, when they finally get notified that she’s been missing for so long without the husband calling it in.


  5. Teddy

    As much as I like to read this piece of s***’s suffering, did Yuri seriously have no one to talk to except that person. What about her neighbors or the kids she took care of?

    It’s just that you get tired of reading the views of an irritating scumbag and hoping that someone must have appreciated Yuri in her previous world.


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