Chapter 40


Kirika-chan eat the fruits at the same time.

Sweet. It is a sweetness different from sugar, which is peculiar to fruits. And astringence remains in the mouth.

Well. It is delicious, but the aftertaste is disappointing.

TLN: 渋/Astringent/ Astringent is a taste that puckers the mouth, numbs the tongue, and constricts the throat. bitter taste like unriped banana.

“Let’s eat!”

Kurts reached out and took six pieces fruit then put them in his mouths.

“Sweet. Delicious, Ugh, sour, bitter. But still delicious!”

It is really complicated.

Sweet is precious in the world where sugar is luxury goods.

“Kirika want to eat again!”

Because Kirika-chan height, she cant really reach it, I’ll take and pass some of the  looking delicious and bright red ripe fruits to her.

I also eat some.

Somehow, It taste like when I ate a bad apple that I bought on occasion.

When I bought it for tasting, Following the cheapness 8 yen to 400 yen. There was astringency. Of course there was no way I could give it to my husband …

Um? That’s it. The apple at that time, After all I used it for sweets making. The astringent disappeared after I cook it.

Will this fruit taste good if I cook it? Let’s try it.

“I am going to try to use it for cooking, so may I take it a little more?”

Take the bright red fruit and put it in the bag.

“Cooking? Fruits?”

They rounded their eyes.

I see. No one use it for cooking.

“Cook this gummi fruit and put it on bowl?”

Gummi fruit! I have heard that there is such a feeling that it is not sweets. That’s it!

TLN: Haha too bad it’s Gummi fruit. well I never saw this fruit irl. maybe close with blackplum/javaplum aka juwet from the astringent taste.

Un, Surely, I was surprised when I realized that we can eat melon and raw ham and I was surprised when I eat sweet and sour pork, it was inside pineapple!.

“Well then, that fruit. If we wait it little bit longer it can be eaten, will that mulberry fruits also can be cooked? If so, I will come when it ripe.”

Kurts pointing at another tree.


Mulberry, there is only an image of silkworm feeding, but is it eatable fruit?

As I moved my sight, It’s Berry! A small fruit like a berry is on it!

“Then, that Raspberry, Can use it for dishes when it ripe? “

Kirika-chan pointing to another tree.


Is there even a raspberry?

I am looking forward to it!

Harvest plenty of fruits and return to the lodge.

“Is there something I can help?”

Returning to the lodge, Kirika-chan is watching a mountain of red fruits with an eye full of expectations.

Etto, I still don’t know what I can make.

I still didn’t think about chicken dishes yet. I have to start stewing bird stock soon.

“If you want something to help later, please tell us! Then three of us will do our best on  afternoon training!”

Although I sent them out, that? When will I train? I have to raise the level, right?

Well. It’s only a day. Because it’s Bryce-kun last meals today. I would like to serve a proper dish.

Place a pot on stove, put bird bone and water in it, put a green onion and cooking sake to remove the smell. Bring to a boil and immediately reduce heat to bring the stock to barely a simmer. It takes 6 hours to simmer, Although it takes time and effort, it is not complicated recipe.

Well, next is bird meat.

When I turned my sight towards bird meat, There are bottles of MP potion at the edge of sight.

That right!

I had to think about MP potion food as well.

I hope it will be suitable for bird meat.

Open the lid. Plops!*sfx

Shi ~yuwawa ー

Oh, carbonic acid again.

Sniff the smell, lick a little of it on my hands.

Uwa~, this is it. No doubt, following a ginger ale, carbonated drinks.

“Coke …”

When I decide to use it for cooking, it will be a usage close to ginger ale.

Ah, Can I use it only for the sweetness when I don’t want to add ginger flavor?

I think I was able to make handmade cola. Somehow when I was concerned about the ingredients used for cola, I found a homemade cola recipe.

Cinnamon, vanilla, clove, cardamom ,lemon and sugar.

Maybe I think that there is in it.

Now, I will pour a little MP potion into the cup and drink it.

Un, Just as I thought.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 40

  1. Teddy

    Thanks for the chapter.

    So apples. Its usually apple pie considering the fact that she talks about cinnamon and other spices. Also Grandma Smith apples, (iirc) are said to be sour since i’ve never tasted them. To those who have read God of Cooking, then the apples’ pectin can be used for gelatin

    In another note, this is the first time coke is used in a cooking novel that i’ve read.


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