Chapter 39


“Well, Kirika-chan, please eat your bento”

Lovely views and delicious air.

Cute children and delicious bento.

“Umm, which part to eat first, the face is a no-no, maybe from the round-round part, But the decorations are cute.”


It was good to make character bento.

“Ah, it was delicious!”

While Kirika-chan is lost, Kurts ended up eating with great speed.

He spread his both legs and lay down then he rubbing his stomach satisfied.

There is a words “You will become a cow if you lie down soon after eating” but I wont say it. A life that requires the body to keep moving, it’s impossible to turn into a cow.


Bryce-kun sighing while eating.

“Was it not suitable with your mouth?”

I remember my husband sullen face.

“No, it’s very delicious, why I regret is my level has reached 10. I would like to stay in the lodge a little longer”

“Thank you. I am very happy with your feelings alone. I will prepare a bento when you leaving tomorrow!”


Everyone was pleased.

I am happy.

“Kirika too, Tomorrow also want to eat bento!”

“Me too!”

“Yes, of course. Isnt it same whether I make one or three?”

I should try to make a normal bento instead of a character bento tomorrow. Is it okay with a sandwich type?

Something to be sandwiched … Hamburger? Can I make it?

It is hard that there is no salt pepper. If it’s bird, how about Teriyaki chicken burger?

It would not be eaten on the way to town, It need calmly place to eat somewhere like a picnic right now. It is better a foods that can be eaten using one hand. I don’t have bento box.

“Thank you for the meal”

Put the plates etc that have been used for eat in the bag.

“Yuri big sister, thank you. It was delicious!”

“Un, bento is the best!”

Kirika-chan and Kurts have a big smile on their face.

“Thank you. I am happy that you can eat it deliciously. I wish I could have prepared something for dessert …. “


Bryce-kun looks surprised.

Eh? what?

Something again? this world dessert is different like bento or something?

“I thought only nobility and rich man who eat dessert, Perhaps Yuri-san a…”

“Ah, after all Yuri big sis circumstances, Fallen noble? “

No no no no no!

I see. Dessert is a luxury item.

In Japan, if you went to convenience stores it’s cheaper than bread. That is not the case in this world.

“No, you are wrong, In my hometown it was normal to eat fruits or something after eating. Etto, I am not a noble…”

“Oh, I see. Dessert is not only sweets, fruit! Then, let’s search it now!”

Search it?

Kirika-chan raised her hand cheerfully at Kurts suggestion.

“Un, Kirika will search it too!”

“Sounds good. Until now all meals were bread and potatoes, Although I did not care it, I think that there are also real trees around the dungeon. “

Really! is that so!

Although the image of mushrooms and wild vegetables was too strong as for the grace of the forest, In my head only the image of fruits from an orchard.  I guess there might be something to find out for sure!

“There it is!”

Kirika-chan pointing to a tree with a small red fruit.

“By the way, it’s the time to get ripe soon.”

There are many red fruits with slightly elongated shape, It is smaller than the cherries.

What fruit is this?

“It’s sweet because it’s ripe, It’s a bit astringent, Are you okay with something astringent? “

Bryce-kun takes the fruit, Kirika-chan put it on my hand.

Pakun~  *Eating sfx


14 thoughts on “Chapter 39

  1. CJ Terlac

    Thanks for the update…

    I saw the raws the husband should suffer even more! but reading in mtl is hard… i need to translate it in my mind as I read in some of the sentence there ahaha


  2. Ty for chapter.
    [“Was it not suitable with your mouth?”]
    – I guess you translated this word to word, because that’s basically the way Japanese people say “Was it not to your taste?” Or “Did it not match your taste?”


    1. yap you are right, at most I keep it literally translated. thinking that the reader already understand the meaning. suitable with your mouth=match your taste. but not all literally translated. like hard to understand phrase. eq: my eyes are not colored holes. I change it to my eyes are not decoration. not always use suggested translate… well Iam doing research the meaning mostly when it use kanji hahaha


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